Travelling with pets: pet food + other tips

How exciting, you’re going on a holiday! Any trip away requires planning but travelling with pets calls for some extra considerations. We’ve got a whole bunch of tips for you below to make the journey more comfortable for you and your pet. Plus, we cover the important question of what pet food to take away with you!

Travelling with pets


According to the RSPCA, 19% of dog owners take their pooch away for some pet travel, though only 2% of cat owners do. Oh poor kitty! Actually, the fact is, cats prefer to be left behind. The reason for this is that being territorial animals. They are happier staying put in their own environment and can become stressed when they leave. If you are leaving your cat at home, be sure you tee up a great pet sitter or neighbour to look after them. They still need lots of cuddles, fresh cat food and water.


Pet food for travel

If you’re heading on a trip with your four-legged friend, make sure you pack the right treats and pet food to take away. Firstly, you’ll need to have some items ready for the journey itself. Then of course, some pet food to provide them for the time away at your destination.

It can be comforting for the pet to have the same pet food while on holiday as they have at home. You’re already mixing up their normal routine, so keeping some consistency is key. Maintaining the same pet food for travel as well as feeding routine can also minimise the chance of upset tummies from changing dog food or changing cat food.

For fresh meat products, it can be best to start a long trip with frozen pet food kept in a cooler with ice bricks. This can allow a slower defrost, which means the pet food will still be safe to eat on arrival. Most of our range of pet food can be bought fresh and then frozen by you, and we also have a number of options for already frozen dog food which can be found on our preservative-free page.

On shorter trips, packing fresh pet food is fine, though still in an esky with ice. And beware of leaving the pet food in the car in hot weather. Some air-dried pet treats are wonderful snacks to have along the way as they don’t require refrigeration. Good choices include FurFresh Barkoo TreatsFurFresh Freeze Dried Raw Sardines or FurFresh Freeze Dried Chicken Treats. As always, organise your pet food for travel ahead of time to save yourself the headache once you set out on your trip.


Extra considerations for pet travel in cars

Road trips can be so much fun for you and your pet. They can also be downright horrible! Usually the difference is being organised, knowing your pet and not rushing to get to your destination. For pet travel in cars, the NSW law states that a pet must be restrained when travelling in a car. That’s for the safety of both you and your pet.

For your pooch, there are specially designed dog seat belts or harnesses that keep them safe and comfortable. Cats can travel in a carrier crate with a seat belt for extra security against car movement. Line the crate with absorbent paper that you can change at intervals to prevent smell.

Stay close and reassure them. Don’t ever leave your pet unattended on the journey, it can just stress them out. Plus, cars get very hot especially in Australian Summer conditions, so bear that in mind always.

Keep Fido’s head inside the car. He might have the desire for the wind in his fur, but it exposes his eyes to dirt and dust or stray rocks which can be harmful. Do keep the window down a bit for air circulation though. A good airflow in the vehicle is usually a must, to minimise the chance of motion sickness and to flush out smells!

So, wherever you’re headed this holiday season, make it a great getaway for you and your pet by being well prepared. Stock up on our range of dog food and cat food before you head away and have a great trip!


    Top tips for travelling with pets

  • Make sure your pet is up to date with vaccinations, tick, flea and worm prevention.
  • Ensure that your pet has their identification tag on them in case they get lost.
  • Give your pet a bath or send them to the groomer for a clean up before you go. Travel with a pet is so much more refreshing when they’re easy on the nose!
  • You’re packing a bag so why not pack one specially for your pet friend? Make sure to include pet bedding, a leash, various toys for comfort and play, feeding and drinking bowls, clean up bags, pet food and special treats.
  • Plan the trip with your pet in mind. Consider how many breaks they will need. A good rule of thumb is to stop every two hours. Allowing your pet to run off some energy outdoors will actually help them settle better when they return to the journey. It’s important that your pet has access to fresh water along the way too. You definitely may like to have some of their favourite foods or treats with you but take it easy with the amount. Some pets do experience travel sickness. A big mess to clean up can add complication to your journey rather than comfort!
  • If your pet isn’t accustomed to travelling, get them used to it with some short trial trips before the big one.
  • Bring your pet’s favourite toy or blanket on the journey to help calm them.
  • It’s easy to jump in the car with your pet and head off with minimal delay. However, for travel on trains, planes, buses and ferries, make some enquiries first as the rules vary from state to state. Sometimes allowing pets onboard can be up to the discretion of the transport operator. Do check what’s possible before you leave.
  • Thankfully, these days there are plenty of accommodation options that will welcome your four-legged friend. Check out the pet policies at camp grounds, cabins, units, homes and even some luxury hotels. A quick online search will uncover a whole raft of pet-friendly possibilities for you to explore.