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Raw Dog Food

As their owner, you have almost total control over your dog’s diet and wouldn’t you agree that they deserve the best? The Paringa Pet Foods raw and fresh dog food range has been designed together with pet nutritionists and veterinarians to sustain and improve your dog’s general wellbeing. Browse our range online today and have those tails wagging in happiness in no time.

Benefits of choosing raw and fresh dog food

Having evolved from a carnivorous wolf, your domesticated doggie still has an ancestral preference for meat — and a body engineered specifically to eat it. Just look at your dog’s canine teeth for confirmation. Whilst they can devour everything, including your shoes, eating a diet entirely or mainly of raw meat offers many health benefits. Full of protein and low in carbohydrates, real meat is easy to digest and great for gut health. Give your pup an immune system boost, thanks to the natural enzymes and nutrients contained in uncooked meat. Lastly, you should be able to see improvements in their skin and coat health as well as their vitality after just a few weeks of switching to raw and fresh dog food.

Discover our range of raw dog food today

Our range of raw dog food includes something for every dog’s palate and needs. From puppy food to adult dog food and delicious dog treats that will leave your four-legged friend begging for more, we have it all. Vary their diet with different types of meat — choose from kangaroo, chicken, beef, fish and lamb. For the more health-conscious fur parents, we also have selected preservative-free raw dog food.

Top-quality raw dog food delivered straight to your door

If you’re searching for healthy, nutritious raw dog food in Australia, shop our range of fresh meat products from Paringa today. Enjoy free Sydney-wide home delivery for all orders over $80. Get in touch with us online or give us a call on 02 9621 2422 if you have any questions about our raw dog food delivery process.