Raw Cat Food

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Raw Cat Food

Your feline friend deserves the best — the best toys, the best life, and, with our cat food range, the best nutrition. We have worked with pet nutritionists and veterinarians to develop a range of premixed raw cat food that makes supporting your kitten’s health and vitality simple and easy.

Improve your cat’s wellbeing with raw cat food

Cats are carnivores with a natural instinct to stalk and hunt live prey. When deciding what to feed your feline companion, raw meat is highly recommended as it is similar to the foods that your cat would naturally eat in the wild and has many health benefits. The meat in our pre-mixed, raw cat food is fresh, high in protein and contains little to no carbohydrates — making it ideal for their digestive system. By keeping the food in its raw state, the healthy enzymes and nutrients that help boost your cat’s immune system aren’t cooked away. Not to mention the many benefits connected to skin, coat and dental health, muscular and skeletal strength, vitality and more. Even with all these health benefits for your kitty, the best confirmation that raw cat food is the way to go is to simply open the packet in front of your cat and hear that loud “meow” at the first sniff!

Discover our quality range of prepared raw cat food

Our range of premixed raw cat food is one of the best on the market. That is why we are stocked by Pet Barn and are the raw cat food supplier for the big cats at Sydney’s Taronga Park Zoo (as well as their other animals). Browse our range online and choose from many options including various meat types, kitten food and delicious fresh cat treats. Our cat food will leave your feline companions licking their whiskers for more. If you are introducing your cat to prepared raw cat food for the first time, read our advice on how to correctly change your cat's diet or get in touch with us — we’d be happy to help.