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Meaty Bones

We all know that cats and dogs love receiving a bone as a special treat — but while they’re enjoying chewing away, they’re also getting some much-needed health benefits at the same time. At Paringa Pet Foods, we carry a variety of quality raw bones for dogs and cats so you can feed your furry pet knowing you’re taking the best care of their teeth, gums and digestive system.

Benefits of feeding your pets raw bones

We suggest giving your cat or dog a meaty raw bone 1-2 times per week (1 per week for kittens and puppies) to ensure their regular diet is providing them with the nutrients they need to thrive. By chewing on a bone, your pet will remove plaque from their teeth when breaking down the marrow and cartilage. This will also release live enzymes into their mouth, which will combat bacteria found in their gums. Your pets will also receive essential nutrients to help with bone and joint health — and for an added bonus they’ll keep stimulated for hours while they get to work on chewing!

Quality raw bones for dogs and cats

If you’re looking for raw bones for your cat, we suggest shopping from our range of chicken necks and roo tail bones. And for your dog, we stock beef femurs and lamb brisket bones. It’s essential to never cook the bones, as this can cause them to splinter and act as a choking hazard — so make sure to always keep an eye on your pets when feeding them raw bones to ensure they safely consume their tasty treat.

Buy raw cat and raw dog bones online today

Shop our range of nutritious meaty raw bones, cat food and dog food at Paringa Pet Foods. Enjoy $10 off your first order and receive Sydney-wide home delivery. If you have any questions about our products or delivery, reach out and chat to someone from our team today!