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Preservative Free Cat

The fewer chemicals we ingest, the better it is for our health. The same is true for your cat, and, as their owner, you have the power to determine the number of preservatives that end up in your fur baby’s body. At Paringa Pet Foods, we have worked together with pet nutritionists and veterinarians to develop a range of preservative-free cat food. So fresh and delicious that you’ll hear your cat’s excited and satisfied meows as soon as you open the package.

Fresh preservative-free cat food for optimal health

Feeding your cat preservative-free raw meat has many health benefits. To begin with, cats' health thrives off a high protein diet — and raw food is rich in all the nutrients they need. Secondly, by choosing preservative-free raw cat food, you provide them with completely natural food that doesn’t contain any potentially harmful man-made chemicals.   For some of the best organic and preservative-free cat food, look no further than our home brand. Take our Paringa Diced Roo, for example. Made from specially sourced meat that has no preservatives, we have purposefully avoided adding anything nasty at mincing or packaging and only choose all-natural kangaroo meat product — rich in protein and nutrients and low in fat and unnecessary chemicals.

Delicious and healthy preservative-free cat treats

Whether to reward good behaviour or show love and affection, feed your cat some preservative-free fresh treats from our online collection. From meaty bones like chicken necks and roo tails to fish delicatessen such as raw sardines, New Zealand green-lipped mussels, raw salmon and more, our selection of natural cat treats has something for every kitty’s palate.

Shop preservative-free cat food online today

If the price or the hassle involved in buying fresh food have been holding you back from providing your kitty with the best food possible, we are here to change that. With our competitively priced preservative-free cat food and Sydney-wide delivery, feeding your cat nutritious and healthy food is easy. Order the kitten food or adult cat food you need online today and have it delivered to your home in no time — free of charge if you spend over $80!