Raw diet for cats

Cats are carnivores and need to eat meat to survive. The raw food diet for cats is all about emulating the diet of the cat’s natural ancestors which was primarily meat based. This style of feeding cats has shot to popularity thanks to the attributable health benefits.

Potential benefits of raw meat for cats

  • It is naturally pH balanced
  • Real meat is naturally high in protein and contains little or no carbohydrate
  • Retains natural enzymes and nutrients that otherwise can get lost in cooking
  • Boosts a pet’s immune system
  • Assists good gut health and is easy to digest
  • Supports strong bones and healthy joints
  • Good for dental health and breath
  • Aids skin and coat health including where allergies and skin conditions are present
  • Highly palatable for pet’s enjoyment

Paringa has a wide range of raw cat food that will suit cats of all life stages. If you’re trying a raw diet for cats for the first time, we have this information on how to correctly change cat food to increase your chances of success.