Give a dog a bone


All dogs should get to enjoy the pleasure of gnawing on a bone! Raw bones for dogs are great for their health and development too. For all there is to know about raw bones for dogs, you have come to the right place!


Why you should feed your dog raw bones

Raw bones for dogs are more than just a tasty treat. They offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Bones are nature’s toothbrushes and help support healthy gums and teeth.
  • Raw meaty bones are an excellent source of calcium, antioxidants, minerals and proteins.
  • They can also help clean your dog’s digestive tract by cleaning and scouring it.
  • The bones’ marrow and cartilage are rich in collagen and will improve your pooch’s skin and coat’s health.

Do’s and Don’ts of feeding raw bones to a dog

Here are some tips for how to give your dog a bone:

  • Always feed raw bones to dogs, never cooked ones. Cooked bones can splinter and cause harm or choking.
  • Bones must be suited to the size of the dog. Your dog shouldn’t be able to put the entire raw bone in its mouth as that is a choking hazard.
  • Supervision may be necessary when you give your dog a bone (and it’s essential for puppies).
  • The guideline is for 1-2 raw bones per week for an adult dog, and 1 per week for a puppy.

How to introduce raw bones to your dog

Over the years, there has been controversy over whether feeding raw bones to dogs is a good practice or not. The reason behind it is that, as some pet owners have moved away from fresh dog food toward fully processed meals, their dogs’ stomachs have adapted to the new diet. Almost all processed food is high in carbohydrates, which are detrimental to a dog’s healthy digestive system. When suddenly presented with a raw bone, these dogs’ stomachs cannot handle the bacteria of raw meats or the digestion of their unprocessed proteins and fats.

So, if your dog already enjoys a delicious diet of fresh meat, start with one bone a week and serve as many as one every few days. On the other hand, if you are feeding your dog kibble or wet food, start by introducing raw meat first. We also recommend that you provide the raw bone alongside a small meal, as ingesting other foods before will activate the production of stomach acid and aid in the digestion of the bone.


Choose the best bones for your dog

Poultry, such as chicken, turkey, and duck bones, is one of the best choices when it comes to raw bones for dogs. Typically soft and hollow, these bones make it a breeze for dogs to chew and digest them. Plus, they’re packed with nutrients, like calcium and phosphorus, essential for your dog’s health. Other good bones for dogs are beef and lamb ribs and femurs and kangaroo tails. On the other hand, some marrow bones may be too hard and can damage your pooch’s teeth.

Now that you’ve learnt how to introduce your pup to nutritious raw dog bones, it’s time to buy some! Call us biassed, but we think you’ll find the best bones for dogs right here at Paringa Pet Foods. Our bones come frozen and are completely preservative-free. Take a look at our dog’s treat section for irresistible meaty bones and other tasty nibbles.

Most dogs aren’t too fussy, being happy with the same food every day, but of course there are exceptions. If you need help choosing the right dog food for your four-legged friend, please Contact Us.



Are raw bones good for all dogs?

Generally speaking, yes, they are. For dogs, raw bones are an irresistible treat that provides both enjoyment, nutrition and mental stimulation. If you are feeding your dog a BARF raw meat diet, it should include 10-15% edible bone content. Even when on processed food, raw bones have a crucial role in providing a natural form of dental hygiene and positive stimulation for healthier gut health. If your dog is suffering from constipation, diarrhoea or any other gastrointestinal upset, suspend the raw bones until they have recovered.


Where can I buy raw bones for dogs?

We recommend you feed your dog human-grade raw bones, such as the fresh ones you could find at the butcher. To take the hassle out of regularly shopping for raw bones for dogs, you can also use a service, like ours, that delivers your choice of tasty fresh bones straight to your home. We freeze our bones which means they stay fresh until you’re ready to use them. It also means they are completely free of any preservatives.